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Comprehensive welding and mobile engineering services when you need them, on-the-spot!

Boulevard Engineering is a leading provider of welding services and mobile engineering services located in Burnham, servicing all of Christchurch and Canterbury. We can complete a significant range of welding jobs and mobile engineering services whether large or small.

We have a mobile welding team who can come to you to complete projects or engineering repairs and can also play a part in larger construction jobs.

With Boulevard Engineering, you get nothing but fantastic results. From mobile crane truck with on-board generator welder, gas cutting, and we specialise in heavy machinery.  We can take care of everything.

When you call Boulevard Engineering, you get excellent service, competitive pricing, and efficiency.

Our professional team puts significant care into each and every welding job to ensure a great finish every time.

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Boulevard Engineering's welding and mobile engineering services are comprehensive. We can expertly fabricate any framework or other structure you require, on-site.  

We have a main workshop in Burnham and we service all around Christchurch and Canterbury with our onsite mobile workshop.

Contact us for welding and engineering jobs including:

  • Gas Cutting
  • MIG Welding
  • STICK Welding
  • General Engineering
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Hard Surfacing
  • Heavy Machinery

Contact Boulevard Engineering today for your needs.

Contact Boulevard Engineering today!

Boulevard Engineering has developed a solid reputation for providing expert welding and general engineering services at the industry's most reasonable rates.

Our professional team is led by Mark Giles, who offers over 30 years industry experience and expertise and know-how.  

We work fast without sacrificing quality, so you get a perfect finish and a welding or engineering job that's finished sooner. This saves you money in man-hours, which means that working with Boulevard Engineering can ease your budget. 

Give Boulevard Engineering a call in Burnham and discuss your project. We have a solution that will suit you, with a complete range of professional welding and mobile engineering services available around all of Christchurch.

Call Mark and the team at Boulevard Engineering today!